Local markets: loud, lively and "alive"!

The market is known to represent a bit of the town’s soul, the place where among the comings and goings of the people we can savour the village life every day.

Among scents, values and traditions, the market is an unmissable place for every self-respecting traveller. Wandering among the market stalls you come into contact with the locals, discover new dishes, and above all you can find real opportunities.

Therefore, if you want to discover the most authentic flavours of the Valle d’Itria you have to go to one of the many markets that take place in each village, once a week. Our advice is to let yourself be carried away in the whirlwind of colours, scents and sounds of the stalls, and like modern flaneur, going through the curious humanity that manifests itself. Do not rush, enjoy calmly what will be offered to you and above all do not let the screams of traders scare you! That’s their way of selling, even if there’s nobody around!

Behind the market stalls lies the true identity of a country with gastronomic products within zero kilometres: fruit, vegetables, seafood, meat, sausages and cured meats, cheeses and dairy products are just some of the delicacies that you can buy. Our markets also have a rich selection of pickles and dried fruit, which you can buy by weight, olives and taralli, but not only, they also overflow with clothing stalls, shoes, household utensils, furniture and flowers.

Throughout the week, you can visit the traditional markets that the villages host in their streets and squares, offering a good opportunity for purchases at advantageous prices.

If you are in Valle d’Itria to spend an enjoyable weekend, then you cannot miss the markets of Ceglie Messapica and Ostuni that take place on Saturday mornings, the first in Via Matteotti and the second at Largo Onorevole Galizia. From spring to autumn on Sunday evening you can also shop on the coast, in Torre Canne and Savelletri, two seaside villages of Fasano that overlook the Adriatic.

If instead you have decided to spend more time in Valle d’Itria, then you cannot miss the markets that are held on weekdays.

We start the week with Cisternino, where the market takes place on Monday which runs between Via Dante Alighieri and Via Regina Margherita. On Wednesday we have two markets taking place, in fact this day the market is held both in Martina Franca and in Fasano. In Martina Franca the stalls are located from Piazza D’Angio to Via Giulio Recupero, and also run along the side streets, in Fasano instead it is located in Via Giardinelli.

Thursday is the day of the Alberobello market and its most picturesque part, the one dedicated to food, is located in Via Barsento. Friday is Locorotondo’s turn, Piazza Mitrano is filled with fruit and vegetable stalls, while Via Cavour and Largo San Rocco are devoted to clothing.

If you love the markets you can’t miss the patron saints celebrations, which here in Puglia, last for days and are real fairs with stalls of all kinds, enriched by beautiful handcrafted lighting that rule and illuminate the already marvellous villages and towns.

To help you experience to be unforgettable with the most beautiful local festivals, below you will find some of the most prominent events with regards to local festivals:

  • Ceglie Messapica “patronal celebration of Sant’Antonio”, scheduled for June 13th, which includes in addition to the religious celebration, also moments of conviviality between local specialties and a fair.
  • Fasano “Patronal celebration of St. Giovanni Battista and of the Madonna di Pozzo Faceto” it takes place from June 14th to 17th, having the main day on Sunday June 16th, as usual.

Also in this case, there are religious and non-religious moments, including the “Scamiciata” (parade), a historical re-enactment that recalls the events that occurred on June 2, 1678, when after years and years of pirate raids, the Fasanese population rebelled, defeating the Turks, in a difficult but glorious battle under the town walls.

  • Martina Franca – “Patronal celebration of San Martino”, a double event that allows visitors to be able to feel the tradition: the first Sunday following the fourth day of July, in fact, sees the summer celebration of the anniversary, while November 11 is obviously the fixed appointment.
  • Cisternino – “Patronal celebration of San Quirico”, an event that is normally scheduled within the first decade of August, with a procession, a firework display and moments of meditation and sharing.
  • Locorotondo – “Patronal celebration of San Rocco”, is scheduled on the days preceding the feast of the Saint, on August 16th: also in this case, there are religious moments, sporting initiatives and a fair.
  • Ostuni – “Patronal celebration of Sant’Oronzo”, which takes place on 25, 26 and 27 August, and includes the famous “Cavalcata of Sant’Oronzo” a procession of horses and knights harnessed for a feast, which parades through the city streets in the presence of the protector of the city.
  • Alberobello – “Patronal celebration of the Saints Medici Cosma e Damiano”, scheduled from September 25th to 28th, includes a religious celebration and a fair and moments of conviviality among local specialties.

The markets of the Valle d’Itria at a glance

Cisternino – Via Dante Alighieri e Regina Margherita

Martina Franca – from Via Giulio Recupero a Piazza D’Angio
Fasano – via Giardinelli

Alberobello – Largo Martellotta

Locorotondo – Piazza Antonio Mitrano

Ostuni – Largo Onorevole Galizia
Ceglie Messapica – Via G. Matteotti

Savelletri – Lungomare Nazario Sauro (from spring to early autumn)
Torre Canne – Via Messina (from spring to early autumn)

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