5 things to do in May in Valle d’Itria

Are you planning a holiday in May in Valle d’Itria? We will take care of recommending you 5 perfect activities, including art, experiences immersed in nature and good food.

If you are looking for adventures or looking for absolute relaxation, May is an ideal month to travel: the climate is truly enviable and nature manages to conquer by exploding in colours and scents.

# 1 Discovering Andy Warhol

If you are an art lover you cannot miss the retrospective “Andy Warhol. The alchemist of the Sixties “dedicated to the father of pop art that opens on May 9th and will transform our Valle d’Itria into a widespread museum. In fact, there are three locations and municipalities that will host the works created by the most revolutionary contemporary art artist, 140 pieces divided into thematic itineraries and exhibited between the Ducal Palace of Martina Franca, the House of Music of Ostuni and the Svevo Castle of Mesagne.

The exhibition focuses on the figure of Warhol and his relationship with the change that America was experiencing at the time. The most important series and the most representative objects are on display: the serigraphs of Campbell soup cans, Brillo detergent and American banknotes; the portraits of Marilyn, Mao, Man Ray, David Hockney and others.

From May 9th to November 24th

# 2 Learn the art of stone processing

In Locorotondo there is a museum dedicated to the enhancement of the ancient crafts and traditional knowledge of the Valle d’Itria, where ancient objects are exhibited, traditional rural and artisan utensils, photographic and audiovisual evidence. It is the Interactive Perle di Memoria Museum in which the objects come to life through sounds, the rooms open when the visitor passes by and the photographs come alive with simple gestures to transport and actively involve the visitor within the exhibition space.

Right here, on Sunday 19 May, you can experience the ancient techniques of working soft stones – such as tuff and Lecce stone – by participating in a workshop that will allow you to make a small object with your own hands. At the end of the experience you can visit the interactive museum and learn more about the ancient crafts of Valle d’Itria by building your personal research path.

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# 3 Discovering the coast of Polignano a Mare

If you are looking for unusual landscapes and views to photograph, we suggest a trek to discover the coast of Polignano a Mare. A simple ring route that will take you from the coast to the hinterland, passing through the famous Port’Alga, a small fisherman’s cove characterized by a stone door that leads to the rocks. The route starts from Torre Incina, a beautiful coastal tower located between Polignano a Mare and Monopoli from the 16th century. At the foot of the tower there is a large square where you can leave the car and from here you can start your trekking: proceed north towards Polignano and following the beaten path along the coast, walk for about 3 kilometers. At this point you will admire the cove of Port’Alga from above and a stairway carved into the rock will lead you directly to the beach. You can choose to continue going up the small harbor and once you have left take the road on the left, lined with dry-stone walls. Following the path you will return to the starting point crossing the inner part, rich in flora and marks the Mediterranean.

# 4 From Ostuni to the sea by electric car

In May the sweet sound of the waves of the sea will be only for you.

The Valle d’Itria is slow land par excellence and venturing to discover its beauties in an electric two-seater is not only very fun but also ecological. The company Forplay S.r.l. of Ostuni rents the Twizy electric two-seater for half or all day.

In Ostuni you can start the tour in the historic centre, splendid in the spring when the sun is not strong but warms gently. Then you can continue in Twizy towards the sea and reach the Marina di Ostuni to enjoy the hottest hours of the day by the sea. Walking in one of the many beaches of the coast will be a relaxing experience. We also advise you to reach the Dune Costiere Regional Park and in particular the fascinating wetland area characterized by the presence of water mirrors and ancient buildings used for fishing. The river has a typical “L” shape and winds for 800 metres, fed in its path by numerous springs from which a slightly salty and acid water gushes out. Definitely a magical place that helps you reconnect with nature and that deserves a stop and a souvenir photo before returning to Ostuni on your Twizy.

# 5 Experiences in Valle d’Itria: collect the delicious cherries directly from the tree in Castellana Grotte

If when you travel you like to immerse yourself in local traditions, meet local people and share moments with other travellers, we have the right experience for you.

Puglia is not only a land rich in art and folklore, but also in unique and natural flavours, and the cherry is certainly a symbol of the region. Moreover, this fruit inaugurates the summer season, thus becoming a truly special product.

The Pascale family opens the doors of the old family farm – Masseria Atipica – to offer the chance to live a unique experience. Collect the cherries with your own hands, savouring the aromas and sensations and tasting them as soon as they are picked. But not only that, at the end of the collection it offers a jam and tasting workshop with strictly organic bread.

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