Locorotondo, a charming village with a characteristic circular shape that stands out on the plateau of the Murge dei Trulli

A historic center unique for its circular plan, for its white and intricate streets and the typical cummerse, ancient houses with a rectangular plan and sloping roof made of flat rock tiles (chianche). A territory designed by dry stone walls, centuries-old olive trees and vineyards, which still wants to tell about itself and let the traveler experience atmospheres rich in suggestions that resist modernity.

Among the most beautiful villages in Italy and the Orange Flag of the Italian Touring Club, Locorotondo certainly deserves a visit from those who come to the Itria Valley. We recommend reaching the town from Martina Franca, so that you can admire the circular shape of the village in all its beauty, highlighted by the underlying terraces planted with vineyards. A curiosity: Via Nardelli, the road that runs along the round village is called by the inhabitants Lungomare, although there is no trace of the sea! The origin of this custom would seem to derive from the panorama that allows you to contemplate the whole valley with a single glance.

Among the expanse of white houses in the historic center, the bell towers of the many churches stand out, including the Church of the Addolorata, of the Holy Spirit, of San Nicola, of San Rocco and of the Madonna della Catena. Getting lost in the intricate alleys of the historic center is the best way to discover this village and be enchanted. Walking along Via Dura and then Via Aprile you will realize the love that the inhabitants have for their historic center, you will find yourself immersed in a whirlwind of colors and scents thanks to the flowered balconies that stand out against the milky white of the lime. At the end of Via Aprile you will reach Largo Bellavista and, as you can easily guess from the name, as soon as you turn the corner the entire Valle d’Itria will open up in front of you. But be careful, Largo Bellavista is called Capo Vento by the locals, because it is the corner most exposed to winds in the whole village!

Once the discovery of the historic center is finished, you certainly can’t help but take the time to wander around the beautiful countryside surrounding the village, and admire with amazement the perfect balance achieved over the centuries between the natural landscape and the work of man. In fact, the countryside has 132 districts, among all we recommend Contrada San Marco, with the Trullo Church, Contrada Lamie Affascinate, Contrada Serra, from which it is possible to admire Locorotondo from an unusual perspective and finally Contrada Grofoleo.