Celebrations in Valle d’Itria: a list of village celebrations not to be missed from July to September!

The village celebration enliven our territories and represent the typicality better than any other event! Here is a list of fairs and celebrations to eat, drink and celebrate joyfully!

Puglia is a land of good food and wine, a region strongly linked to rural traditions and, last but not least, a religious region where patron saints play a fundamental role in handing down traditions, customs and above all recipes

This is why festivals are an unmissable moment for knowing the true authenticity of a place and of its residents. The celebrations always give us certainty: the food offered is cooked in the most traditional way possible, the large tables allow you to get to know others and make friends with the locals and finally the value for money reaches its peak! 

And obviously the celebrations of the Valle d’Itria are no less! By participating in our celebrations, you can experience the many local traditions, the way in which a community celebrates moments of sharing, the welcome and conviviality typical of the rural world. It is no coincidence that most of the festivals take place in the countryside, in some of the many districts that characterize the area, and are dedicated to one or more delicacies prepared according to tradition. 

Are you ready to be amazed by the magic of the Valle d’Itria celebrations, where you can enjoy good food cooked according to the best traditional local dishes? We are sure that you will immediately feel at home, thanks to the festive atmosphere that you will find. 

  • 27th – 28th July | Festival of the Braciola and Polpetta | Cisternino, Sisto district 

The festival brings to the table another interesting traditional dish, as well as the Sunday dish with excellence: the braciole, which are nothing more than horse meat rolls stuffed with aromas, spices and cooked in tomato sauce. 

  • 2nd August | Sagra delle Bombette and Bruschette with truffle | Cisternino, contrada Marinelli 

The festival is dedicated to bombettes, small meat rolls prepared with slices of capocollo stuffed with chunks of canestrato cheese from Puglia, salt, pepper and in some cases parsley. 

  • 3rd August | Festival of ancient traditions | Fasano, district Cocolicchio 

The particular feast wants to bring back to mind ancient tastes and lost smells, customs and trades of the past. 

  • 7th – 8th August | Olive Oil and Wine Festival | Cisternino, UPAL cellar 

A unique event, where you can taste our variety of wines especially sparkling wine, combining them with local gastronomic specialties such as grilled meat, traditional meatballs (polpette), fried vegetables, grilled vegetables and typical bruschetta. 

  • August 8th -11th | Ceglie Food Festival and Frisella Fest | Ceglie Messapica 

The Ceglie Food Festival is a unique occasion in which traditional flavours, gastronomic shows and many other initiatives that will be able to win you over by charm! 

  • 9th – 11th August | Sagra delle orecchiette | Cisternino, contrada Caranna 

We could not miss a festival entirely dedicated to the most famous Apulian pasta format in the world: the orecchiette. The main dish of the local cuisine will be offered in different variations, from the ragù (Recchietedd pu such d ‘carn), to the fresh tomato and basil (Recchietedd pu such frisck), and of course the crudaiola (Recchietedd pu l pummdor crud and masnicol), flat summer par excellence. 

  • 24th – 25th August | Sagra della Trippa | Cisternino, contrada Figazzano 
  • 31st August | The Blue Night | Fasano, Torre Canne 

A long night dedicated to typical flavours and fun that ends at dawn with a collective bath in the blue Adriatic waters. 

  • 31st August and 1st September | Grape Festival | Cisternino, Casalini district 
  • September 8th | Fair “Da Bomnedd” | Cisternino 

Ancient fair that celebrates the nativity of the Madonna, in fact “Bomnedd” literally means “of Maria child”. It is among the oldest in Southern Italy, and according to local historians, it was presumably established in the 13th century during the reign of the Normans. You can find everything from local goodness to everyday objects, fabrics, clothes but above all objects for field work. 

  • September 14th | Grape Festival | Selva di Fasano 

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