Adrenalinic holidays: guide to the most adventurous sports to do in Valle d’Itria

Do you love be thrilled? Can the holiday for you not be defined as such if at least once you don’t experience an adrenaline rush? If the answer is yes then this is the article for you. 

In fact, Valle D’Itria is not just about culture, traditions and good food, the environmental and natural peculiarities allow you to do many sports activities, especially those dedicated to those who love adventure! The winds above all have a fundamental role, they blow on our lands and lash our coasts, in a succession of warm and fragrant winds, like the sirocco (warm winds), and of cold and lashing winds, like the tramontana and the mistral, which blows with particular force on the Adriatic beaches, making the joy of water sports enthusiasts, like sailing and windsurfing. 

Here is a brief guide on where to go to fully enjoy your adventure-filled holiday. 


How many times have we dreamed of flying? Now in Puglia this recurring dream of ours is easily achievable and within everyone’s reach in total safety, paragliding is the lightest and easiest way to fly. The practicality of preparation and the easy learning of piloting make it immediately fun and practicable by anyone. Among the best centres we recommend is the Aero Club Fly Way Paragliding and Paramotor Flight School in Castellana Grotte. The flights depart from the Loggia di Pilato, in the Impalata district, one of the highest points on the splendid Monopoli hills. From here the view is breathtaking and the winds will gently rock you towards the valley. The flights are in tandem with an experienced instructor and the duration is about 15/30 minutes. 

And if those who accompany you don’t like the idea of flying don’t worry, in fact, the Loggia di Pilato is also a crazy panoramic point where you can admire the entire karstic area dotted with trullis and Mediterranean scrub. In addition, there are several refreshment points where lovers of tranquillity can enjoy the dishes of our tradition. 

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If you too can’t get enough of it under the sun, here is where you can do some water sports at the seaside during your holidays. 

In Monopoli, in the contrada Capitolo, we point out WaterGame Srl, where you can experience the most adrenaline-fueled sports, such as wakeboarding, where you will have to handle a board similar to the snowboard, water skiing and kneeboard, with which to handle the waves with the knees. They are certainly fun sports that do not give great satisfaction to newcomers, it takes some practice before being in control of the situation. For this reason, if you are not prepared, we recommend renting equipment that is less demanding but just as fun as the donut, the sofa or the water trampoline. 

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For surf lovers, always in Monopoli, we recommend Lido Bambù, where you will find the Surf Centre, where you can use the launch channel for Wind-Surf, Canoes and Sailing Boats, as well as take lessons in these water sports with qualified instructors. 

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Another interesting surf spot is Torre Canne, where thanks to the mistral blowing between May and October, you can ride the best waves. Furthermore, continuing from Torre Canne to the Pilone, you will find other beaches where you can do your favourite sport without bothering bathers. In particular, we point out the initial stretch of the free beach north of Lido Morelli, or the Lido Bizzarro beach, a reference point for many surfers for years now. 

Finally, if your passion is the sea and its seabed there are several dives that you could do in our area. In Torre Canne lies the Gulten Islamoglu, a ship sunk due to unknown causes in 1994. Its peculiarity is that it is still intact. Over time this wreck has become the home of oysters and other types of fish. The dive is still challenging for this reason it is recommended only for the more experienced divers. Instead near Villanova, near Ostuni, anchors dating back to the Second World War can be seen on the seabed. Towards Polignano a Mare there is Cala Incina, an inlet in which it is possible to explore several caves, and in one in particular you will find the statue of the Madonna. To the north of Polignano there is Cala Paura, a beautiful cove from which you can dive to visit various caves and underwater passages in a 14m depth. 

As you can see you can spend an authentic holiday dedicated to sport and adventure also here in Valle d’Itria, so don’t forget to pack your sports equipment! If instead it is your first time you can rely on the instructors by booking lessons at the links we have provided and try the thrill of living our territory in three hundred and sixty degrees! 

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