5 things to do in June in Valle d’Itria

With the arrival of June, the desire for a holiday becomes ever more pressing, and even Valle d’Itria is preparing for the arrival of summer. We have selected 5 perfect activities for you, including the sea, epic dives, historical re-enactments and festivals.

# 1 Happiness is the first swim of the season in the sea

The first swim at the seaside of the season, you know, is an absolutely cathartic experience, to be faced with devotion and preceded by an anxious anticipation. But if we are back from a particularly dull spring, as in our case, everything is amplified and we do not struggle to believe that you too, like us, can’t wait to dive in the summer.

Among the best beaches where symbolically undressing in the winter to dive in the summer we recommend the stretch of coast between Lido Tavernese and Lido Bosco Verde, between Torre Canne and Ostuni. This area, immersed in the extraordinary marine landscape of the Parco delle Dune Costiere, is characterized by wide beaches of fine sand and dunes formed in the wind, which gently descend into the crystal clear sea. The numerous beaches alternate with free beaches where you can spread your own cloth in total freedom.

For those who love rocks and unspoiled nature we recommend the numerous coves that are located between Savelletri and Torre Canne, where the stretch is rocky and every corner is perfect for taking a break and why not even try to fish from the rocks.

# 2 Experiences in Valle d’Itria: the historic event of the “Scamiciata”

If you are a lover of history and love to catapult yourself back in time, we have the right event for you: the Scamiciata (parade), a historical re-enactment that celebrates the victory of the inhabitants of Fasano against the Turks, which took place on 2nd June, 1678, and which allowed to end, after centuries, to Turkish raids on the Apulian coasts.

Wondering why “Scamiciata”? It is soon said, in fact, that the Fasano people were surprised during the night by yet another raid, but this did not stop them, rather, in order to defend their home and family, they took to the streets to fight in nightgowns, with long shirts and long underwear!

The scamiciata (parade) consists of three parts: l’Esposizione solenne (the solemn exposition) of the banner of the protector on the civic tower of the clock (2nd June), the pilgrimage in costume to the sanctuary of Pozzo Faceto (9th June) and the historical re-enactment itself (15th June ). During the historical re-enactment there are raids and fights, but also popular songs and dances, waving flags and drumming. To celebrate also the nobles in costumes of the Baroque era, warriors in uniform and the carriage with the mayor and the lieutenant who led the battle, Fra  Zurlo da Crema. The procession is closed by the boat of triumph, one of the Turkish ships confiscated by the Fasanese and on which the flags of the Patron Saints are hoisted.

# 3 Celebrate the beginning of summer with “Note Bianche sotto le Cummerse” (White Notes under the Cummerse) in Locorotondo

If spring has been waiting in vain this year then all we have to do is focus on the summer! Only a few days left until the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, and the night where anything can happen. According to tradition, June 21st is the night of witches and demons, but also of the good that wins over evil. And so here for this midsummer night we propose “White Notes Under the Cummerse”, the festival of Music in the white town of Locorotondo. A traveling event throughout the historic center of Locorotondo with musicians and artists of all kinds who will animate every alley and the facades of the white cummerse. The event is organized in collaboration by Manuel Manfuso’s Association Smile – Organization & Event Management, under the patronage of the area of Locorotondo.

# 4 Festival of games in Ceglie Messapica

If your inner child has never abandoned you and you have preserved a magnificent imagination and a spontaneity capable of showing all the emotions, then you cannot miss the Games Festival that is held every year in Ceglie Messapica. From June 27th to 30th the historic center becomes a stage where street, theater, music and folk dance coexist in one place. The Festival organized by Casarmonica with the patronage of the town of Locorotondo, is a blaze of joy and fun, where everyone plays. The elderly, aunts and grandchildren play. The Mayor, the City Council and the opposition play, the greengrocers and the entrepreneurs play.

# 5 Experience in Valle d’itria: picnic in the Forest of Pianelle in Martina Franca

A great desire to relax, a blanket to spread out on the grass, something good to eat and off to one of the most spectacular reserves in the Valle d’Itria located a few kilometers from the centre of Martina Franca. We are talking about the Forest of Pianelle, a place capable of offering an immersive experience in one of the last great woods of Puglia but also an ideal place for trekking enthusiasts with its 21 routes and 15 kilometers of paths to go to discover the landscape, the plant life and animals that characterize it.

To reach it, take the Martina Franca – Massafra, at a certain point you will find the main entrance to the reserve on your right. A small car park, the visitor center and a large shaded area with tables and benches where you will be welcomed upon your arrival, the routes are well signposted and on the site, you can download the map of the trails and read a brief description for each of them.

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